Roving Entertainment

With festival season in full gear, we are happy to add to the fun with our roving entertainment.  Look for the Island Hula Hoopla hoop team as we spin, swirl and shine!

-July 1 Courtenay Canada Day Pre-Parade mobile Hoop Boogie Dancers

-July 1 Campbell River Canada Day Kidsfest at the Community Center
           12-1 p.m. "Hoopy Hour" with Tracey and Fae
            1-3 p.m. Roving Hoopabilly Dancers: Alison, Calico and Tracey

-July 8-10 Vancouver Island Musicfest
                We are on the move all day Saturday and Sunday; look for the shiny hoops                 and fabulous hoopabilly dancers!

-July 16 Downtown Courtenay Market Day
             12-2 p.m. Hoopabilly Dancers on the move throughout Downtown 

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