Introducing The Wish Tree, an interactive art installation full of light and inspiration!   Follow a Magically costumed fairy-like character to the peaceful glow of the Wish Tree and have your participants put their hopes, dreams and wishes in writing.  Watch as white fabric wish 'blossoms' fill the tree with written goals, prayers and desires.

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Created by Tracey Clarke of Island Hula Hoopla who has over 13 years of roving entertainment experience and specializes in creating unique costumed characters, this peaceful installation invites your participants to take a moment to reflect in a serene atmosphere. 

Everything is provided in this stand-alone 10'x10' structure.  Minimal electricity is required. 

The light boxes, cloud lamp, decor, costume and gilded butterflies were handmade by Tracey Clarke.

What a Wish Fairy wears on her feet

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