Celebration Season

Winter brings many opportunities to celebrate our connections with friends and family.  With gift-giving on our minds we want to spoil our favourite people.  This season, let's celebrate ongoing health by choosing handmade hula hoops - the toy that's perfect for all ages!
Beginner and fitness hoops are $40.
With a complete selection of hoops for every body, you can check a few people off your list.  We have sturdy and colourful kids hoops, big beginner 'easy rider' hoops, fitness hoops, lightweight dance hoops and also Polypro hoops.  

You can find our beginner, dance and fitness hoops at Silhouette Dance Shop (5th Street Downtown Courtenay) or come straight to our workshop for the latest in kids and polypro hoops of all sizes and colours.  Call (250)331-0880 to arrange a visit to our workshop.

Visit our pop-up booth at Elevate The Arts Winter Bazaar Saturday December 3 from 10a.m. to 5 p.m. to chat with us in person.  We can help you find the perfect hoop and chat about hoopy birthday parties, private lessons and upcoming performances.
Heart-shaped hoops in our booth at a past event.


Hoopy Birthday!

Host a Hoopy Birthday Party!

You can book a super-duper-hooper birthday party for up to 30 of your closest friends at Courtenay Recreation.  All the equipment and instruction is provided for you and your guests to move, play, dance and spin with professionally made hula hoops.  Each hoop is sized just right for every body: kids hoops are made sturdy and small to fit those tiny busy bodies and there's a great selection of larger, lightweight sizes for youth, teens, and parents.  We've been hooping since 2001, and with our expert instruction, we guarantee you'll be spinning your hoop with a huge smile on your face in no time!  With a special focus on games and play, these parties are a place to create fun memories with your friends and family.

SUNDAYS 1-3 p.m.
Courtenay Recreation Lewis Center Gym and Party Room
(250)338-5371 to book your party
$100 Basic Party
add-on $15/person to make your own keepsake hoop 


Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Brings Classes for Everyone
Whether it's your first time giving a hoop a whirl, or you're looking to expand your skill set, we have classes for you!

Twins and Tosses Workshop
Saturday September 17 2016
1-3 p.m. Comox Recreation
$29 register at (250)339-2255
Let's explore the different grips and timing that make playing with 2 hoops smoothly possible.  If you can already keep a hoop spinning and are looking for more challenge, come find some playful and accessible ways to use 2 hoops at once.  The sky's the limit as we get some air time with our hoops, learning some impressive (and controlled) ways to toss and catch this fun circular toy!

Hula Hooping 101 
Monday Evenings 7-8 p.m.
September 12-Oct. 3 
$79 Comox Recreation (250)339-2255 
Monday Evenings 7-8 p.m.
October 17-Nov. 7
$59 Comox Recreation

Private Hoop Skills Clinic
Courtenay Recreation
$35/1 session
$100/3 sessions 
Program #41838 Register (250)338-5371

Come check out our beautiful selection of hula hoops at Silhouette Dance Shop in Downtown Courtenay, B.C.



Twisted Orbit is coming soon!

Twisted Orbit is a dynamic fusion of cutting edge circus, dance, comedy and, above all, hoops!
As part of their West Coast Hoopologie Tour, they will visit the Comox Valley to teach and perform.  

They will host two evening hula hooping workshops at Comox Recreation.  You can also see them perform at Atmosphere Gathering the weekend of August 19-21 and there will be a free community circus-jam with free beginner hooping lesson the evening of Monday, August 22 in the Comox Recreation field.  That Monday evening, hoops will be provided free for community use by Island Hula Hoopla.  Come play, learn something new and discover for yourself why hula hooping is so fun!

Bags is a professional teacher and performer from the UK who has been formally trained at Circomedia – Europe’s leading centre for contemporary circus and physical theatre. He has taught hooping at prominent events all over the UK, Europe and the US as well as being a teacher on Hoop City and Hooping University. He founded the Bristol Hoop Massive and the UK hoop website the Hoop Hub and has won or been nominated for multiple Hoopies and Revolvies (this year he jointly won the Male Hooper of the Year Hoopie!) He is an innovative and multi-disciplined performer who has a strong passion for circus in all it’s forms – but just at the moment you’re unlikely to find him anywhere other than inside a hoop!

The versatile, vivacious, vaudevillian vixen, Valentina dazzles audiences around the world with her unique vision of circus dance fusion. Sharing her magic in both performance and workshops is her passion and drive. Valentina is a second generation belly dancer who was raised in the Los Angeles underground art scene by her mother, Leela, a successful theatrical belly dance icon. Valentina now blends belly dance with hooping, fire, burlesque, snake charming and aerial Lyra. Her ability to seamlessly combine these dance forms gives her a provocative style unlike any other. She is the leader of The Hoop Unit, a hoop fabricator and an event producer.

Exciting hula hoop skills workshops offered the evening of Wednesday August 17 are: “What the Fork?” 1 & 2 Hoop Tech (Intermediate 2 Hoops) from 6-7:30 p.m. and "Triple Hoop Shenanigans" from 7:30-9 p.m.

"What the Fork!" In this workshop will teach some interesting moves with one hoop that introduce the "Fork Grip"! We will then look at how we can use this extremely useful grip with two hoops to do moves such as turning weaves and fountains without doing any grip changes or twisting your hoops! Coming to the workshop with the ability to do forwards and backwards 2 beat weaves will increase the speed in which you can leave these moves.
"Triple Hoop Shenanigans:" This workshop is for anyone who thinks three hoops is out of their league. We’ll explore some instantly accessible on and off body multi-hooping moves that look beautiful mixed in with some Native American hoop dance combinations all with 3 hoops. These patterns feel and look great and are wonderfully fun to play with. Learn how to transition between them to create new ways of moving with your triple hoops.

Two hoop workshops together are only $70 or you can choose to attend only one. Each hoop workshop is priced at $40.  Registration is online at islandhulahoopla.com and you can email islandhulahoopla@gmail.com with any questions.
Twisted Orbit's entire summer tour includes teaching stops in San Fransisco July 8-9, the Heart and HoopDance retreat in Holland July 22-27, performing at the European Juggling Convention in Holland July 30-August 7, workshops in Portland August 11 and 12, Seattle August 13 and 14, the local dates August 16-22, and Vancouver August 24 and 25th.

Want to see this amazing circus couple in action? Get your tickets to Atmosphere Gathering online at atmospheregathering.com


Roving Entertainment

With festival season in full gear, we are happy to add to the fun with our roving entertainment.  Look for the Island Hula Hoopla hoop team as we spin, swirl and shine!

-July 1 Courtenay Canada Day Pre-Parade mobile Hoop Boogie Dancers

-July 1 Campbell River Canada Day Kidsfest at the Community Center
           12-1 p.m. "Hoopy Hour" with Tracey and Fae
            1-3 p.m. Roving Hoopabilly Dancers: Alison, Calico and Tracey

-July 8-10 Vancouver Island Musicfest
                We are on the move all day Saturday and Sunday; look for the shiny hoops                 and fabulous hoopabilly dancers!

-July 16 Downtown Courtenay Market Day
             12-2 p.m. Hoopabilly Dancers on the move throughout Downtown 


HoopDance Class Series Starts!

Hoop Dance Skills
Take your hula hooping skills to the next level!  We'll learn more advanced tricks with single and multiple hoops, put together dance sequences and explore the infinite possibilities of this circular toy.  Hoops provided or bring your own.
Mondays June 6-27 
*6:30 to 7:30p.m. Room C
Comox Recreation
$74/ $13.50 drop in 

(there was some confusion about start times- the class runs from 6:30-7:30p.m., like your registration form says, NOT what the poster says!)


Summer Hoop Engagements

Elevate The Arts Festival
Saturday June 4 2016
HoopJam 4 p.m. on Duncan Street Commons, Downtown Courtenay
The CV Latin Percussion Group will be playing so come take a hoop for a spin with us!  Hoops provided.

Black Creek Midsummer Festival
Saturday June 18
"Hoopy Hour" 4-5 p.m. Hoops provided for the whole family to use in a lightly facilitated, fun-focused environment.  Learn tricks, play games and give hooping a 'whirl'.
Our Hoop Booth will be set up from 3 to 9 p.m. with all our beautiful hoops for purchase.

Comox Recreation
Community Hoop Jam
Mondays July4-25 or August 8-29. 7-9 p.m.
With all sizes of hoops for the whole family to use, it's easy to take a hoop for a spin! Set in the sunshine, this is the perfect family fun time, or a great place to practice your spinning skills. Equipment provided, children must be supervised.  
Comox Community Center Field, 
$19 +gst individual, $39+gst family rate

 Vancouver Island Musicfest
July 8-10
Roving Entertainment
Kids Flow Arts Spin Camp
Monday-Friday July 25-29 9a.m. to noon
Learn the physical skills of spinning hoops, poi and staff as well as face painting, costuming and creating characters. In this incredible camp, the focus is on FUN, creativity and silly circus play. Get inspired as we create our own mini circus-style show from all the skills you’ve acquired! Equipment provided.
 Instructor: Tracey Clarke program#41180 
Courtenay Recreation Lewis Centre MP Hall $110/5

Atmosphere Gathering
August 19-21
We are Vending!  Come pick up a hoop of your own from our varied selection of polypro, core body hoops, dance hoops,beginner and kids hoops. We also offer practice poi and hoopy silkscreened t-shirts. 


Cumberland Village Market Day

Come find our booth!

We're vending at the legendary Cumberland Village Market Day, this Saturday May 21, 2016, from 10-4. There's more info on the  Facebook Event Page. 


Workshop Review by The SpinJinny

Review: Romancing the Hoop Workshop 
by Anah “Hoopalicious” Reichenbach (Victoria, BC: April 22-24, 2016. Hosted by Hooperfit)

Romancing the Hoop: A Sensual Epiphany
My hooperfriend 'The SpinJinny' got to attend a workshop with Anah 'Hoopalicious' Reichenbach! Here's her thoughts on the experience.

I have considered myself a hoopdancer for 7 or 8 years now. My dedication and enthusiasm for my practice began waxing, waxing, waxing, then, ultimately, waning, waning, waning, until... you get the idea. Up until recently, I had felt I would be okay if I never really hooped again, the way I hooped in those early days, when I spent late nights on Hoopcity or Youtube, watching hoop tutorial after hoop tutorial. Needless to say, in those early days, I was obsessed. Or, to equate my hoop romance with a new love relationship, perhaps it is healthier to say infatuated rather than obsessed.
In the last two or three years, however, I had to make choices with my time. I chose belly dance over hooping and spent much of my extra energy and cash on dance workshops, classes, travel and costuming. The majority of my performances were belly dance based, and my exercise regime consisted of dance conditioning, yoga, and drills. Indeed, most of my social interactions revolved around belly dance.
I did hoop, but only when it was leading up to a fire spinning spectacle or a “belly hoop” performance (belly dance and hoop fusion, which I am often asked to do since it adds a little more visual diversity to a show). Other than that, months would go by before I picked up my hoop, I didn't devote time to learning new skills, and besides playing around at festivals, I was fine with this general drifting apart of “us.”
At one point, I thought to myself, if I never hula hooped again, I would be okay with it. It was, “Sorry, Hoop. I think it would be better if we were just friends.”
All this changed for me last fall when, for a variety of reasons, I started to pursuit the hoop with vigour once again. Enter phase two of my hoop relationship, where my hoop and I decided to reinstate our vows. There I was, comfortably in love with my familiar old partner, but doing the same expected moves: the dreaded relationship “rut.” I was experiencing a second honeymoon with my hoop, yet the vitality of the early years wasn't quite there.
Coming back after my hiatus, I noticed so much had changed in the hoop world, different styles and techniques I found endlessly inspiring, yet I was challenged trying to tap into that new creative spirit. I wanted to keep my own style, influenced by those body-rocking pioneers of the early hoop renaissance, while longing to spice up my skills. I also fell victim to comparison, the saboteur of creativity, and it hijacked my mental space while I watched hoop videos of these new, mind-blowingingly talented hoop innovators. Comparison is still something I struggle with, but I'm getting better at channelling that energy into inspiration instead of feeling not enough.
Late this winter, it was with impeccable timing I noticed Hooperfit Victoria's Meg McCormick hosting a weekend workshop: Anah Reichenbach, aka “Hoopalicious.” The Hoopalicious! Anah was my first hoopspiration, and she continues to be so. As I mature as a human and a dancer, I notice this interesting fact about myself: it isn't necessarily the tricks a dancer does that draws me to them, it's how they move, and often, it's a simple accent danced in a moment of stillness that wins my heart rather than some flashy techiness. With Anah, her technical skills are solid without a doubt, but it's her quality of movement and creative expression I find truly inspirational. Not only that, the current theme for her workshop tour is “Romancing the Hoop,” and it's all about building/re-building our relationships to our preferred instrument of flow, whether we are in the passionate throes of early love or in the“scheduling the nookie” stage. This workshop was just what I needed.
On the Saturday, Anah had us write down in journals why we hoop, and like any relationship, what do we give it in return. For example, for one reason I wrote, “freedom of movement,” and in return, to my hoop-partner, I devote “the practice and purchasing of hoops.” This writing activity sounds simple, but for many of us it may serve as a helpful reminder in any area of our life where we are experiencing the doldrums. The same activity could be applied to “why I jog” or “why am I avoiding sugar” and can help us keep our purpose fresh in our mind without taking it for granted as time passes. For me, it helped me put my hoop practice into perspective. It recreated intention. Then, we devoted the day to “body rocking” hoop exercises and techniques, which felt familiar yet strange with all the off-body hooping I've been doing lately and which seems to be popular these days in the hoop world!
A note on perspective: Anah was a master at honouring the importance hooping plays in our lives, all the while not taking it, or ourselves, too seriously. For example, on day one we began with waist hooping which we could all do easily. Anah would say, “You are moving an object with your waist! How cool is that? This was the hardest skill to learn at first and now you are all doing it effortlessly.” And we were all like, “Yeah! That's pretty freaking cool! Waist hooping is a pretty amazing concept!” That said, if we were to drop a hoop at any time in our process, Anah would say, “If the hoop drops, no big deal. It's just hooping, not the end of the world.” I really appreciate Anah's philosophy that simultaneously understands the importance and dedication of practice and celebrates the spiritual aspect of hooping, all the while allowing for joy, spontaneity, freedom, mistakes, and lightheartedness. In North America, we live in a competitive society where much of life is focused on results. Early in my hooping life, I too, I became overly concerned with nailing that trick, or being as good as so-and-so, and this pressure I put on myself contributed to me leaving the hoop for awhile, I believe. It could be why I burnt out: it took me away from why I hooped in the first place.
On Sunday, Anah led us in her off-body moves. Although she did teach us drills, combos, and technique, I don't want to dwell on those so much here. Quite often, I forget 90% of what I physically learn in a workshop weekend but the insight and wisdom I gain I remember forever. So here's what I scribbled down in my journal that day: “Feel hoop around body. Whenever stuck on a move. Focus on contact.” This was truly a magical moment, and I'll explain my gibberish now.
Anah instructed us to think of a trick we maybe get about 50% of the time (I chose the bunny ear pass). She then told us to close our eyes and waist hoop, just feel the hoop around the body at every contact point, and the ease by which we do this. Just breath and feel. We then returned to our “trouble” move with the same approach: just feeling the hoop as it moved around our body. No only did I nail the bunny ear pass each time after that, I felt more flowy and in-tune with my hoop. I was less anxious and more present. It was kind of spooky, actually, how well this tactile and mindful approach to hooping worked. Spooky-cool.
All in all, I really benefited from the sensual and mindful experience Anah offered us in her Romancing the Hoop workshop. The weekend was an epiphany for me. I feel I live my life analytically and also instinctively, and this has been how I approach my hooping. I'm a mind/heart person: equal parts intellect and emotion. The benefits I've received from my hoopdance practice were sensual and spiritual, but I wasn't always aware or appreciative of these by-products, nor was I cognizant of how tuning into my sensual side could not only help my hoop practice but also make it more pleasurable. Every since participating in Hoopalicious' workshop I can honestly say I enjoy hooping even more, I am enjoying my body while it hoops even more, and I feel more playful and light. And at this stage in my life, this is exactly the kind of romance I need.


Community Spin Jam

Community Spin Jam
Thursday evenings 7 p.m.
Simms Millenium Park Pagoda

Everybody get together!  Bring all your toys!  Kerry Griffiths of NOVA Firespun Performance Arts has organized a Spin Jam! We're meeting weekly at Simms Park to play, spin, share and learn from each other in this unsanctioned non-instructional community jam. 

Link to Facebook event page


April 30 Hula Hoop Workshop

Have you ever wanted to learn to hula hoop?  I'm hosting a workshop at Comox Recreation on Saturday, April 30.  You'll learn all the basics and beyond, plus you get to make and keep your own hoop!  It's never been this easy, accessible, and affordable.  For the entire 3 hour workshop plus hoop, the cost is a ridiculous $20.  Seriously. Sign up and bring a friend!
Hula Hooping Workshop
Saturday April 30
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Comox Recreation M.P. Hall
Register (250)339-2255


Spring 2016

*NEW* Adult classes at Comox Recreation
register (250)339-2255
or in person 1855 Noel Ave, Comox B.C.

Hula Hooping workshop
Come take a hoop for a spin!  Try hooping in this one day intensive skill building session.  We'll learn the basics and some circus-style tricks.  You can also build your own hoop to keep ($20 supply cost).
Saturday April 30
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
M.P. Hall

Hula Hooping 101
Learn the basics of Hula Hooping and beyond. With our expert instruction and professionally-sized hoops, it's easier than you think!  You will learn to move, dance and stretch with hoops and enjoy a playful new addition to your healthy lifestyle! Hoops provided or bring your own.
(No class May 23)
Mondays May 2-June 6
6:30-7:30 p.m. Room C
$74/$13.50 drop in  

Hoop Dance Skills
Take your hula hooping skills to the next level!  We'll learn more advanced tricks with single and multiple hoops, put together dance sequences and explore the infinite possibilities of this circular toy.  Hoops provided or bring your own.
Mondays June 6-27 
6:30 to 7:30p.m. Room C
$74/ $13.50 drop in 


10 things

So, you think you can't spin a hoop around your waist?
There's more to this circular toy than that!

Here's ten things you can do with a hoop besides "the Hula"....

~spin on arms
~roll/toss to a friend
~stretch with it
~balance it on your body
~spin on one leg
~jump through
~roll down a hill
~spin above your head
~sit inside the circle and pretend you are going on a spaceship