Have Island Hula Hoopla at your next event! 

*Hoopy Hour: Interactive Family Fun Hula Hoop Playtime

*Roving Entertainment

*Fire Dance 

I have been hula hooping since 2001 and performing fire dance with NOVA since 2004.  You might see me dancing through a street festival with iridescent hoops, lighting up an indoor celebration with glowing hoops, or putting a spark of magic in outdoor gatherings with flaming hoops, poi, fans, and staff.  I can also keep a crowd happily playing with hula hoops for hours.  

Performing and costuming go hand in hand. Being able to create custom costumes has added a unique flair to my performing, and allowed me to offer both visual textile arts and movement arts in one.

Embedding the Garnets into "Wings of Love" applique
back of vest

Front of vest: lapels contain Rose Quartz, Citrine, Garnets
sewn in with prayers, to better help the heart radiate
Calendula Flower Faerie 2009
Cathy Coates model, Sarah Kerr photo
Fuschia Flower Faerie 2009
Sarah Kerr photo
"1958" Hoopers, photo by Owen Embree
Hooping Poodle applique by the SpinJinny

Team NOVA Rasta Action
roving entertainment costumes

"Fire and Ice" Winter Solstice 2007
with NOVA Firespun Performance Arts

Sarah Kerr photo (top) Ron Pouge photo (below).

2 of my submissions from the 2007 Shambhala
Fashion Show: Alien Birth and Alien Mama
My version of Tinkerbell's Leaf Dress
for Fae's 3rd birthday

Alison Wonderland models the Mushroom Dream ensemble,
a custom creation just for her.
Includes cap, dress, necklace and satchel(not pictured).
The cap, dress and bag feature
UV responsive mushrooms applique on a soft bed of
naturally dyed green silk velvet,
with hammered copper mushroom details.
Necklace is hammered copper on upcycled leather.
Billy Pipe photo

NOVA Firespun Performance Arts "Geisha"
This costume set was inspired and led by NOVA girl Kerry
Mama Moth 2007

 Winter Solstice 2009,
photo by Barb Mantha

"Fire" themed bellydance costume #2
Back of vest and belt detail
Model Lyndsay Spencer

Raspberry Chakra dress
Naturally dyed silk hood liner
Chakra coloured stones embedded over heart
Sarah Kerr photo 2006
Earth Costume in action, 2006
applewood dyed cotton skirt,
vest and belt have embedded crystals
Heather Hilberry Dancer, Sarah Kerr photos
Water Costume 2006
Natural Indigo dyed silk shirt/overskirt
Satin circle skirt, vest/belt
Edith Jacob dancer, Sarah Kerr photo
Fire Costume #1 2006
Taiya dancer, Sarah Kerr photo
Air Costume 2006
Naturally dyed Osage wrap top
Belt has 'Air Prayer' words stitched in
Cathy Stoyko dancer, Sarah Kerr photo
The Recycle Princess costume
Crown and Staff are recycled metal and light bulbs,
the corset is riveted "Silk" (soy milk containers, that is)
with bath scrubbie sleeves,
skirt is a recycled bathrobe with CD 'sequins' and bath scrubbie ruffle
Model Kerry Griffiths, Sarah Kerr photo

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