Meet the DJ: Adil Amlani

At Hula Hoopla! core body fitness class we create our own original soundtracks to get you movin' and spinning!  Guiding you to your own inner groove is DJ Adil Amlani.  This local Comox Valley Businessman, community activist and family man has graced us with a pumping, seamless one hour mix that inspires us to hoop our way to happiness.

I asked him to share a little about himself:

Q: How long have you been a DJ?
12 Years (since 1997)
Q: What events have you played at?
My most memorable events were in Victoria at Hush Nightclub, VEMF, as well as many here in the Valley at House Ten85.
Q: What drives you to create music?
It's the freedom you get when you are immersed in the flow of a track. It is both exhilarating and humbling. Plus, its always great to envision many people rocking out to the music you are creating.
Q: How do you feel when you are in the 'zone' of DJing?
Connected, to the audience, and to the music. Somewhat like conducting electricity i would imagine.
Q: Has any place you have ever lived in or traveled to influenced your music?
Montreal was a huge influence to my music. It was there that i really knew that i identified most with jazzy influenced electronic music. I began collecting 'San Francisco' house, and lounge music, which has since expanded on a regular basis.
Q: Describe your evolution as a DJ!
Trance - Progressive - Techno - House - San Francisco House - Electro - West Coast House & Deep House
Q:  Share anything about your family life!
Family is everything to me, their support has always given me confidence to pursue anything i had my mind set on. I have an amazing wife Jessica, and 2 beautiful daughters, Maya and Naomi.
Q: What are your thoughts on hooping?
Hooping is great, it releases tension, and is great exercise.
Q: What are your thoughts on the music/movement relationship?
Hand in hand. Simple as that.
Q: What are your other passions and interests?
I am a graphic designer by trade. I always enjoy learning more about how to use my creative juices in a positive way.
Q: What are your goals for 2011 (musical or otherwise)?
I am looking forward to building on the successes of SURE Copy, which is a business i started here in the valley in 2005. We will be looking to open up new stores in Parksville, Nanaimo and eventually Victoria. www.surecourtenay.ca
Q:  In a past life you could have been: ..... /in a future life you hope to be:
A teacher .... not sure what i would be teaching though. / I would hope to be at least a grasshopper.
Q: Your wish for the world is....
To put our differences aside and embrace the positives we share.

Q:  Do you have any charities/ global or local issues you would like to raise awareness about?
Most of the work that i am doing in that regards, is vis a vis the Community Currency, 'Community Way', which was launched at The Big Time Out Music Festival in 2009. There are currently over 50 businesses that accept the local currency, and have managed to contribute over cw$130,000 for local community service organizations such as Dawn to Dawn, Project Watershed, Boys & Girls Club, and The Cumberland Forest Society to name a few. For a complete list of businesses and organizations, or information on how to get involved, please visit www.communityway.ca



*Winter 2011* Community Hula Hoop Jam

Starting in January 2011, Hula Hoopla will be hosting an 'everyone welcome, non-instructional' Community Hula Hoop Jam!  Every Sunday morning at 11 a.m.(weather permitting) we will meet in the Lewis Center's Multi Purpose Hall.
 Come get your spin on!   Bring your favourite hoop or other spinning toys...  I will bring the music and some hoops to share.  Let's heat up those chilly winter months as we move, play, dance, spin, breathe, and get active!
Courtenay Recreation kindly requests a $2.50 drop-in donation.


*NEW* Hoopdance classes

Hoopdance classes begin Wednesday October 20 2010.  Designed for hoopers who are looking to get more out of their practice, this Hoopdance class will run for 6 weeks from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Florence Filberg Conference Hall in Downtown Courtenay.

We will go through hoop stretches and hooping drills, and learn more advanced tricks.  With an amazing soundtrack mixed just for us by DJ Miss Christina, we'll piece together moves and tricks into flowing coreographies!  We will challenge ourselves with doubles hooping and try out some poi-hoop fusion with the mini arm hoops.

Bring your own hoop(s) or sample from our colourful selection of pro hoops, twins, and mini arm sets.

Cost is $50.  Register at Courtenay Recreation (250)338-5371.


Hula Hoopla! at Vancouver's Davie Day Festival

The Hoop Booth at Vancouver's Davie Day 2010

 On a mid-September Saturday,
I brought the Hula Hooping fun to the busy Davie Day street Festival.

I transformed the corner of Davie and Bute in Vancouver's West End into a hooping playground, with demo hoops for play and fun for all ages! 

The Hoop Booth was fully stocked with a rainbow of multicoloured and sparkly hoops for sale including giant beginner hoops, professional hoops and mini arm hoop pairs.

I shared a hooping performance and workshop at The Lifestyle Stage.  This energetic session was open to participants of all ages.  We went through the basics of hooping and the many ways to be active using hula hoops.  Smiles all around (despite the rain!)  And a few new souls were recruited into the hooping world as they discovered their own bliss in the hoop! 


Hula Hoopla! at Vancouver Island Musicfest 2010

A special offering for hoopers and other curious fun-seekers, Hula Hoopla workshops took place amidst the musical backdrop of Vancouver Island Musicfest  2010.  On both Saturday and Sunday mornings we gathered under a blazing July sun to celebrate the happy art of hooping.
I brought out all my hoops, a total of nearly 50 including mini arm hoops, giant beginner hoops and standard sizes for both kids and adults.  This being the first workshop of its kind offered at this large festival, I had a plan and was ready for anything!
The first day was casual hooping as kids and adults came by to learn tricks and try all the hoops.  On Sunday the instruction was more formal and I offered my creative spin on the many ways to be active using hula hoops.   Going through hoop-related stretches, core body strength moves and tips to enhance home practice, the group of mostly adults got active, Hula Hoopla style!  There was a special focus on individual tips and tricks and I tried to connect with each person to answer questions, demonstrate and unlock new tricks.  Thanks to fellow NOVA Firespinner Lisa H for sharing her extreme hooping expertise. 
A hot and happy hooping good time!  

photo taken July 11 2010 by Sharon Macdonnell www.sharonmacdonnell.com  smacdonnell.wordpress.com


A great place to get hoops

Everybody get your spin on!

Although traditional materials used for creating hula hoops include dried grasses, grapevines, willow and bamboo, our hoops are built to last using durable weatherproof plastic.

Come see our wide selection of sturdy professional hula hoops at Eco-Centric, 565 England Ave in downtown Courtenay.

They're made bigger that your average toy hoop and spin slower, so it's easy to find your own flow.

Happy hooping!