*Classes for Kids and Adults
*"Circle Games: Hoop Games to Activate and Captivate" Workshop
*Hula Hoopdance Workshop
*Hoop Making Workshop
*Birthday Parties

Hula Hoopla!  Adult classes
We’ll move, dance, play, stretch and go through a core body strength circuit, hula hoop style.  It’s graceful, feminine, and quite possibly the most fun you’ve had working your core.  If you're curious or passionate about hooping, join the fun in this inclusive, fundamental class!  This class is supplied with custom professional hula hoops.

Hula Hoopdance   Adult classes
This special offering is for hoopers who are looking to get more out of their Hula Hooping practice.  We will work on hoop stretches, hoop drills and trick concepts.  We will piece together simple moves into flowing choreographies. We will explore movement with mini hoops and multiple hoops and explore our hoopdance space space from the ground up!  Some hoops will be provided but bring your favourite hoops and your smiles.

Hula Hoopla Kids 
The name of the game is fun as we discover the many ways to be active using hula hoops.  We'll learn fun and tricky hoop moves, play games, and dance.  We'll activate our bodies and minds together and get busy, Hula Hoopla style!

A typical class will include these elements:  peaceful stretches and breathwork, fun and games, dance and trick concepts.  Each session is tailored to suit age groups and all levels of hoopers. 

Birthday Parties at Courtenay Recreation
(5 years and up) 
Celebrate your day as you play games and learn fancy hula hoop tricks to amaze your friends and family. One hour of hula hoop play in the gym followed by an hour in the party room with your guests.
12:00- 2 p.m. Hula Hoop only
12-2:30p.m. (Make your own hoop) 

Register at (250)338-5371 

Circle Games:Hoop Games to Activate and Captivate

Creative and original games to play with hula hoops!  This is an active workshop where we focus on facilitating learning through play.  These games enhance strength, flexibility, speed, agility, core strength, balance, cooperation, coordination and communication.  Of interest to educators and hoop instructors, there are games and activities for all ages including group and partner games, individual challenges, and fitness-type circuit and dice games.  

Teacher resources include a lovely coil bound Circle Games book, Laminated Core Body Circuit poster, Dice Game with instructions and hoop dice set.

Hula Hoopla class participants answer the question:
"How does Hula Hooping make you feel?"
-fantastic! Give me more!
-really good. I like this fun exercise.
-coordination in the making
-like dancing
-like I've moved
-young, tired
-concentrated, relaxed
-pleasantly tired
-feminine, energized
-young again (younger, ~recurring theme~)
-energized, happy, fun
-womanly, graceful, peaceful