*NEW* Hoopdance classes

Hoopdance classes begin Wednesday October 20 2010.  Designed for hoopers who are looking to get more out of their practice, this Hoopdance class will run for 6 weeks from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Florence Filberg Conference Hall in Downtown Courtenay.

We will go through hoop stretches and hooping drills, and learn more advanced tricks.  With an amazing soundtrack mixed just for us by DJ Miss Christina, we'll piece together moves and tricks into flowing coreographies!  We will challenge ourselves with doubles hooping and try out some poi-hoop fusion with the mini arm hoops.

Bring your own hoop(s) or sample from our colourful selection of pro hoops, twins, and mini arm sets.

Cost is $50.  Register at Courtenay Recreation (250)338-5371.