Comox Valley,  Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Tracey Clarke first began hula hooping in 2001 and  started teaching others this circular obsession in 2005.  Her performance troupe, NOVA Firespun Performance Arts has been entertaining audiences since 2004!  Tracey makes hula hoops and costumes and invents games to play with hula hoops.  She can safely light hoops, fans, staves and poi on fire and dance with them She can also keep a room full of tiny children or grown-ups happily playing with hula hoops for hours.  She is often joined by her daughter and other hoop stars, Lyndsay and Calico as they move, play, dance, spin and breathe, Island Hula Hoopla Style.
Nanci Cook painting of us playing at Vancouver Island Musicfest

FEEDBACK on our adult classes:

"Describe this class in 5 words or less?"

-a growing experience
-fun, relaxing, soothing, graceful
-enjoyable form of exercise
-it was fun and no pressure
-fun, interesting, and good workout
-a lot of fun
-core fitness fun with rhythm
-core conditioning fun
-a very enjoyable hour
-Dynamic, whole body experience

A press release about our participation in Vancouver's June 2011 MadSkillz Festival.

An article about our March 2011 "Hooping for Men" workshop.

The press releases and handbill
for the Happy Love Hoop Show.
Here's the link to the writeup.
Heart Hooping is front page news! A photo from our March 2011 "Happy Love Hoop Show"
The SpinJinny, Lyndsay Spencer and Tracey Hoopla
perform our Harajuku inspired Heart-HoopDance (March 2011)

Coverage of UNITY's visit to share hooping workshops with us! Check out the article .

~the Cuteness of the primary Montessori class~
Teachers in our school district can hire me
to 'spice up' their gym classes with happy hooping.
Here (L) we're playing 'the tunnel game' - always a big win
and a great way to cooperate!
...and some amazing hoop art (R) to melt the heart!
December 2010

September 2010, taking the Hoopla to Vancouver's
Davie Day Festival

What to do in the winter when you need a practice space?
Work with your local Rec Center and host a HoopJam!
It's a great way to promote active living,
positive family/community time, and the movement arts!
Clippings from the first winter 2010 Community HoopJams

Helping a friend help the children of India,
I was honoured to be a part of Sarah Kerr's
"Seeds of Rythym" benefit dance show.
Info about her project here .

Our Summer 2007 Four part Spin Workshop series with NOVA,
featured a hoop workshop, of course!
Momentos from Madame Jo-Jo's Cabaret
~Vaudeville Burlesque Hooping~
Feb 2007
Pure magic when an epic storm stops just long enough
for our fire show and the lantern release...
The moment was so striking that local artist Theresa Wild
captured this image in her
"Firedancer" painting,
which was in turn featured as the cover art for the We'Moon 2010 Calendar

Theresa Wild's Painting "Firedancer"
Inspired by our fire show and the paper lantern release
to celebrate the Chinese New Year, closing off the
Taiwanese Lantern Festival of 2007

One of the "Karma Kinesis" show series
we produced
This one was circus themed, April 2005

News clippings from
The first May 2004 Karma Kinesis community show,
 a Beltane theme "Honoring Life"