Spreading the Hoopla-Love!

It feels good to share!  I just dropped off bundles of hoops at two local women's and children's charities in the hopes that they will be twirled with joy.

Hooping, for me, is meditation, exercise and always puts a smile on my face.  It can be the best distraction from life's worries, seeming to swirl away my troubles.  At the same time, hooping clears my thoughts and helps focus my intentions.

Sarah Kerr Photography
Who would think that a plastic circular toy could help unlock such happiness?

Hooping has taught me a lot about myself.  The journey from that first day when the hoop * just * wouldn't * stay * up * until now, almost 10 years later: a hoop teacher and performer!  I persevered and found my bliss in the hoop.  I love to share that.

Never give up!  When the going gets tough, close your eyes and surrender to the flow.  You will amaze yourself.

Blessings from inside the hoop and wishes for a New Year of bliss and abundance!

NOTE: Just dropping the hoops off was fun enough, but getting this letter was the icing on the cake!

I wanted to send along a thank you for the lovely donation of 5 hoola hoops to our agency, Comox Valley Family Services Association. As a nonprofit charitable agency we appreciate all donations as we have many programs that could not offer enhanced services or resources without the generous contributions of the community.

We will be adding your BlogSpot next week to our web pages as a way of thanks.

The Hoola Hoops will be used with two programs; first our Children’s Anxiety Group to help children define boundaries and secondly with our Healthy Families Group which will use it for rural parent and child activity groups.

A few of our staff, including me had the fun of trying them out & definitely brought us smiles and laughter !

Sincerely and with kind thanks


Webpage: www.comoxvalleyfamilyservices.com

Gillian Normandin - Executive Director
Comox Valley Family Services Association (CVFSA)
1415 Cliffe Ave. Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2K6
T: 250.338.7575 ext 227 F: 250.338.2343

"Comox Valley Family Services Association builds on individual and family strengths which support growth and healthy lifestyles"

second thankyou letter received!