Hoops are now available for sale at Silhouette dance and Theater Shop 

in Downtown Courtenay.  Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-5 p.m. (250)334-9219  

Since I began hooping in 2001 I have been creating hoops for myself and friends.
BIG HOOPS: $40. 1" wide, made heavier and with a bigger radius, these hoops spin slower than your average "toy" hoop, so it's easy to find the groove and get into your own flow.

PRO HOOPS: $40. 3/4" wide, lighter and super sturdy, these are the best practice hoops out there!

DANCE HOOPS: $40. 1/2" wide, featherlight for dance and prop manipulation.  The material we use is made in Canada, sturdy and withstands heat and cold. Go ahead, drop it!

POLYPRO Hoops: $40 Light, responsive hoops made with polypropelyne. 

TWIN AND MULTIPLE HOOPS: $40 each. Challenge your brain and body with multiple hoops.  Matching or contrasting colour combinations of your choice.   Choose from 1", 3/4" or 1/2" width.

KID HOOPS: $30. Happy hooping with smaller hoops for smaller people.  1/2" wide and sized just right.

MINI ARM HOOPS: $30. Come in pairs and are 1/2"wide.  Choose your favourite matching or contrasting colours.  *Used for the Core Body Circuit
HEART HOOPS:  Yes, it's possible, and oh, so fun! $60/set of 2 20" mini hearts. Special order.

 Educators: Inquire about bundles of hoops for  Physical Education.  Packs of  durable, sturdy and colourful hoops  are available in Primary, Intermediate and Secondary sizes.  Top it off with a couple Teacher-sized hoops, all at a great wholesale price. Contact to create your school's package.

CIRCLE GAMES BOOKS:$27 Teacher or hoop instructor resource book with instructions and photos of each game in action.  These creative and original games use the hula hoop to get groups of all ages active.


CORE BODY POSTER: $10. Use this as a guide for fun core body circuit training!  These movements incorporate the hoop as an exercise tool and also feature popular core body strength poses.  Your body will thank you. *You'll need a big hoop and a set of mini arm hoops for the circuit.  Concept by Tracey Clarke, model Lisa Snow, graphic design by Michael Holding at Sure Copy Courtenay.