Community Hoop Jam is in full SWING!

Every Sunday morning from 11a.m. to noon, we meet at the Courtenay Recreation Lewis Center to play and frolic in circular bliss.  We have the whole gym and sound system to get us moving and grooving.  It's time to activate - not hibernate - so people, let's get a move on, come get your groove on!  Happy peaceful fun lovers of all ages are welcome.  Adult drop in fee $2.50 (goes to the Rec Center~ I am volunteering my time) and kids under 10 are free! Bring your favourite hoops and spinning toys (poi, staff, and flags too) and I'll bring all my hoops (mini to extra big beginner hoops) to play and experiment with.  Let's get active!

(This video was taken last Sunday at the second week of this 8 week HoopJam session. And, my camera has no sound ~ you'll have to join us to experience HoopJam in full force!)