Circle Games

Circle games is... a deep workshop that explores games, their benefits and how to have an amazing impact on your community through play!

Tracey will share creative and original hoop games that will activate and captivate.   When you're teaching groups of kids, a fast-paced lesson with lots of games is a must. And a sprinkling of fun during an adult lesson never hurts, either.  

The majority of the session will be spent playing games, with an in-depth exploration of the whats, hows, and whys of play.

Workshop Flow:

-Games Play. I will flow through a list of original and creative games, briefly describing each with a play session to demonstrate each game.  Each game can be played just for fun, or with a deeper purpose and goal (ice breakers, personal development, group development, games for flexibility, balance, strength and endurance).

-Group Management Tips. How to get and keep a group's attention, manage distracted or rude participants, inspire unmotivated students and dissolve bad attitudes, all in a positive and lighthearted way.

-Metaphors For Movement. How to work with teachers to bolster their classroom learning by combining specific curriculum concepts with out-of-class active hoop games! Math and science in an unexpected FUN way!

The simple and inexpensive hoop can really transcend economic barriers to active living. There's no sign-up fee, no driving to practices, no uniform to buy. You don't even need shoes. With just one plastic circle someone can find infinite challenges to keep themselves active for life.

Looking around it's hard not to notice the some of the population getting softer, bigger and less motivated. Especially in economically challenged areas where we find financial barriers to good nutrition, placebos like TV, drugs or alcohol can distract us from our authentic and healthy selves. Getting active is key for getting happy, and a hoop is an accessible option: a portal for health. Instructors armed with an arsenal of creative games can battle these barriers with a smile, and inspire their communities with a lifelong love of movement!